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"A Master Teacher and Practitioner"

"Having taken numerous continuing education trainings over the years, Einat has stood out as a master teacher and practitioner. I have been most impressed with her relaxed and professional style of teaching, her vast knowledge base and her masterful skill level. What she feels through her hands and is able to communicate in her teaching is extraordinary. She is able to bring complex and subtle concepts into practical explanations, making her trainings accessible and exciting.

She has taught me how to be a better listener with my own touch and to more comfortably explore what the body is trying to express through the mysterious cranial sacral system."

Kelly Clancy, Seattle, WA


"Effective and enjoyable."

"I deeply appreciate the technical expertise that Einat brings to her classes.  With a subtle therapy it is helpful to have a framework for treating that yields tangible results.  At the same time, Einat creates a comfortable learning atmosphere that invokes intuitive leaps in understanding this powerful modality.  The combination is effective and enjoyable."

Kristi Zimmer, Seattle, WA

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