A Gentle Combination

Naturopathic, Physical Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy 

Dr. Einat Arian is a Naturopatic Doctor in Seattle, Washington who specializes in physical medicine, homeopathy and Craniosacral Therapy (CST).

Within Naturopathy, Dr. Arian is drawn to the gentler forms of complementary medicine. The modalities she uses with most of her patients are homeopathy and physical medicine. The two blend beautifully together, as they both target the nervous system affecting neurological, physiological, and anatomical change in a gentle manner that the body can well receive and continue to do its own healing work even after treatments.


About Dr. Arian

Einat Arian, ND, PhD, CST, earned her Naturopathic Degree from Bastyr University in 2006. Prior to being a Naturopath, she had a career in research, earning a PhD in Biology and continuing to a Post Doctorate at a neurobiology lab, researching the computational properties of neuron cells.

All that Dr. Arian has learned has come together to create Gentle Healing Arts, a practice where the best of naturopathic and physical medicine and the best of Craniosacral Therapy come together to help the people on their journey to wellness. In addition to caring for patients in her private practice, Dr. Arian teaches classes about Craniosacral Therapy through Bastyr's Continuing Education Program and 21st Century Natural Medicine.

"For many years before I became a physician myself, I noticed that one’s health can slowly deteriorate long before a disease process is actually identified. When I became a doctor, I wanted to find a way to help people who feel like their health is not optimal identify the problem and gently restore wellness and balance. I find the nervous system to be the perfect channel for restoring health, with physical medicine and homeopathy, as well as supplements and herbs, being excellent vehicles to help the rebalancing process." -Dr. Arian


Who we work with

Gentle Healing Arts specializing in caring for babies, children and adults.

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Dr. Arian works with babies who have tongue tie, colic or sleep problems, flat head syndrome and other issues. Babies who experienced a complicated birth can often benefit from CST.  

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Dr. Arian uses physical medicine and CST to help children with certain developmental conditions, such as learning difficulties, sensory integration, swallow reflex deficits and other neurological deficits. CST can also help children after trauma or a concussion.

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Dr. Arian provides care to adults struggling with acute or chronic pain, headache, backache, nerve compression, muscular and tendon issues due to overuse syndromes, balance issues related to vertigo and tinnitus. Craniosacral Therapy may also provide relief of anxiety and chronic stress, as well as issues related to a history of trauma.