Craniosacral Therapy Advanced Techniques

Prerequisites:  You must have taken Craniosacral Levels 1&2 or instructor persmission if you have completed Craniosacral training elsewhere. Students should take this class after they have mastered the skills of Craniosacral Level 2, the facial bones, as the skills required for this class are similar in nature to those taught in the Level 2 class.

This class is based on material developed by Dr. Faith Christensen from courses that she took with Dr. Gehin from France. I am focusing the class on advanced sutural work in the head and spine. It includes direct techniques and intra-osseous work.

We will start the class with Craniosacral spinal adjustments, including ligaments, vertebrae, discs, and ribs. This is an integrated approach that includes all the different parts of the spine to optimize function.

In the skull we will start with the deep sutures of the base of the skull (i.e. the sutures between the occiput, temporal, and sphenoid bones). This is the one area we do not really teach techniques for in our Level 2 class. In this class you will learn how to work with the sutures between these four bones, focusing on the temporal bones as the one "squeezed" between the other two.

In my mind these are the most exciting techniques of this course as this allows for correction of the most difficult of sphenoid lesion patterns, as well as many other compensation patterns in the head and neck.

We will also work on new techniques for the maxilla and mandible, including sutures and intra-osseous techniques (changing teeth and bone formation, yes I know, it's crazy!!) and how to work with the palatines externally. For the TMJ, this includes ligaments with adjacent bones (temporal and sphenoid), and the structures of the joint itself - capsule and ligaments. We will also learn someintra-osseous techniques for the TMJ.

Finally, I will be teaching a sinus sequence aimed at activating the mucus membranes inside the sinuses so that they can drain. I find this technique especially helpful in Seattle and the wetness that we have here.